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Digital agency or website designer

1Install our partner plugin
  • Install the partner plugin and fill the "partner code" field with your code..
  • 2Install AFS Analytics Plugin
  • Install the AFS Analytics plugin on your website client.
  • 3Uninstall the Partner plugin
  • Uninstall the AFS Analytics Partner plugin. Your partner code will remain in the database.
  • If you're a publisher

    Earn money by promoting AFS Analytics. Write an article, place our banners on your website, promote it via social media or newsletter..
    Every time a user clicks on our trackable link and makes a purchase, you will earn a percentage of the sale value.

    How much can I earn?

    A base rate of 25% for each sale during the first year for each new customer. For example, if a customer purchases a subscription for $49* per month, you will earn a total of $147: $12,25 per month. For one year subscription, you will earn $147.
    An increased rate for each sale is available for our top performing partners.
    * net sale

    Real-time Dashboard

    Your partner dashboard displays in real-time the traffic, activity and sales referred by your campaigns. You will see exactly how much money you've earned.